Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mascara Face-Off: They're Real vs. Bad Gal

Today I am comparing two different mascaras from Benefit, Bad Gal and They're Real.  If you want any other mascaras or products compared, be sure to leave a comment below.  I will happily take requests, really I would love some.

 The first mascara here is They're Real.  This is one of the best selling mascaras in the country right now.  People rave about this mascara, they just love it.  Benefit claims that They're Real volumizes, lengthens, curls, lifts and separates.  My experience is that it definitely volumizes and lengthens.  It is a very buildable mascara, you can apply coat after coat and your lashes will keep getting longer.  I also think it does a pretty good job curling.  I have put it on people who haven't curled their lashes and it does seem to give them a little bit of curl.  This mascara has a unique brush (though now there are a few copycat mascaras out there).  It is a plastic brush with a little ball of short bristles at the tip, this helps you get all your little lashes so no one is left out.  This isn't a waterproof formula but it STAYS ON! Stays on too well in my opinion.  I like my mascara to come off easily at night, this does not.  I rarely get it all off at night and wake up with some still on in the morning.  Some people would love that kind of longevity though.

This one is Bad Gal mascara.  Bad Gal is said to be volumizing and thickening.  It is also more matte where as They're Real is shiny and glossy.  This mascara has much drier formula than They're Real.  I find that this helps to give a much more natural appearance to my lashes.  This mascara gives each individual lash a coat of mascara which makes your lashes look fuller.  Bad Gal, like They're Real, is not waterproof.  But unlike They're Real it comes off with ease if you use a makeup removing wipe or eye makeup remover.  I prefer that.

 Top wand: They're Real
Bottom wand: Bad Gal

The verdict: I would have to say I prefer Bad Gal.  It is probably my favorite mascara right now.  I really prefer the more natural look and I like being able to get my makeup off easily at night.  I'd say Bad Gal is the daytime mascara and They're Real is the night time drama mascara.

So there you have it!  

<3 / Roo

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  1. I love that you did this post... I love love love bad gal. I havent tried theyre real, though In this picture they're real looks better In my opinion. thanks for the advice... Now post the big fatty from urban.. (waterproof though).


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