Sunday, April 29, 2012

What was in Roo's April boxes?

The last couple months I did a blog post for the MyGlam bags I got.  This month I decided to show you what was in my MyGlam bag, my Birchbox, and my Julep box in one video.  If you wanna know what April had to give, watch the video.  If you want more info about any of the companies or their services, I'll list their links at the bottom of the post.  I really enjoy getting Birchbox and MyGlam I think it's fun to be surprised by what you're going to see when you open them up.  I know Brittany used to be subscribed to Birchbox and she canceled it.  She decided she would rather spend her $10 a month on something she knows she's going to love.  But for me, so far they have been worth it.  Some months are big yawns, but when you have an awesome month it really makes up for the not-so-great ones.

Julep Use the promo code "penny" to get your first month for only $.01

If you haven't yet (Stacy this means you), please subscribe to our YouTube channel and to this lovely little blog.  We'll love you for it.

<3 / Roo

Friday, April 27, 2012

NOTM: Bitter Bitch

Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch, I really like this polish. It is such a unique color, a dark reddish brown. Tom Ford polish is about $30 a bottle. As I mentioned before I can't justify $14 on polish, so $30? No way. This was a gift from a very generous friend for Christmas. I doubt she'll ever read this blog, but if she does THANK YOU AGAIN M.

This polish is rather thick but it works. It applies beautifully, two coats makes it perfectly opaque and shiny. It was so shiny (in part to my topcoat) that it was hard to get a picture that didn't have such a glare on the nails. I have one other Tom Ford polish, a nude. Obviously I'll do a NOTM when I wear that one next.

Do I think anyone should spend $30 on a nail polish? Sure don't. But am I happy I have a couple? Very!

<3 / Roo

Monday, April 23, 2012

NOTM: Anne

Today I tried one of my newest polishes, Julep's Anne. I got an April Julep box, which is a monthly subscription service that focuses around nail polish. I got it for an awesome steal, $.01! You literally can't beat that. I filmed a video today and you can see what else came in my box when I post that. I believe anyone can get the same deal at with the promo code "penny". Their boxes are regularly $20, which I can't justify so I just canceled the service once I got the box.

Anyway, back to the polish. I liked this color in the bottle. A bright purple... soo up my alley. I really like it on my nails too. It is shiny, very opaque, and and the color is pretty. The bad news is I HATE the consistency of it. It is incredibly thick and rather hard to paint on my nails. I like the color now that it's on but I don't know how often I'd deal with its crappy consistency to wear it. I've heard good things about Julep polishes, so maybe the consistency of the other colors is better. Julep polishes retail for $14, which is a lot to spend on nail polish in my opinion.

I couldn't decide which picture I wanted to use. I don't feel that either picture shows the true color of the polish on my nails. The pictures look more blue than purple. The bottle of polish in the non-flash photo looks pretty accurate. The picture with flash shows just how opaque and shiny it is. Neither picture is perfect but they show different things.

<3 / Roo

Friday, April 20, 2012

NOTM: Gaga For Green

Today I let my five year old pick out my nail polish color. I was leaning towards a coral Essie color, but Hudson picked this green color and I went for it. I love green nail polish, seriously love it. The green OPI polish from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (can't think of its name) is probably my favorite green polish. I like this China Glaze one too. The color is bright and perfect for Spring. The formulation is good. I'm happy with Hudson's choice. I put some OPI Rainbow Connection on my ring fingers. I'm really into having an accent nail these days.

Enjoy your weekend guys!

<3 / Roo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NOTM: Dannii

Again I decided to use one of my colors I hadn't tried yet. I thought this Zoya polish looked fun, pretty, and Springish. I loved it when I was applying it last night. The consistency was so nice that it was a breeze to paint on. It has gold shimmer in it which I like. But after looking at it on my nails all day, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I can't figure out what's bugging me about it, but something is. Tell me what you think.

And P.S. The semester is ending for Britt and me this week so expect a whole lot more action on the blog and our YouTube channel in the future. I have so many ideas ready to go and am excited to finally have time for this again.

<3 / Roo

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prom Night: Makeup by Brittany

Hey, guys!

It was prom night at the local high school and I had the chance to do some makeup and hair for my cute friend Kira.  It's always so fun to do her hair and makeup because she has such beautiful, shiny hair and her skin is like a baby's butt. It's not fair! She's just so effortlessly gorgeous.  It makes doing her hair and makeup so dang easy. I've done her hair and makeup for some other dances, but today was probably my favorite look thus far. We went for a bit more dramatic eye to match her beautiful purple dress. I think it turned out well, check it out:

Kira has such flawless skin naturally that all I had to do was even her cheeks out with a little bit of concealer.  I then started with her eyes: I used my Coastal Scents 88-palette and put a fuscia pink all over her lids (being careful not to get it too close to the inner corner of her eye) and grabbed some dark purple and worked that into her crease, concentrating on the outer corner. I took a little bit of that same purple and pink and dragged it to her lower lash-line. I then grabbed my NYX roll-on glitter in pink and rolled a little bit of it onto the center of her eyelid for a pretty pop of sparkle.  I put a pastel yellow in the inner corners of her eyes, swept a cream champagne-colored highlight shade from Revlon on top of the yellow and right below her brows for a nice highlight.  To line the eyes I used ELF's gel liner in black with a small angle brush and created a bit of a winged eye.  To finish, we curled and put a coat of mascara on Kira's naturally long lashes.

For the cheeks, I used a stippling brush to sweep NARS blush in "Orgasm" onto her cheeks..(I hate the name of the blush, too...but it really is a gorgeous color. :/)  I used a really pretty nude lipgloss from Benefit on Kira's lips and voila! She was ready for her hot date! 

And gosh dang, did she look hot!
Hope you had fun, Kira!
And I hope you guys enjoyed the look! Any suggestions for future looks you would like to see? Any questions you want answered? Let us know!


Nail of the Moment: Cute as a Button

I had my eye on Butter London's Trout Pout since the day the Spring collection landed itself at Ulta. When I got my Dermstore promo code in MyGlam last month I knew I wanted to get that polish, but it was seriously back ordered. Since I'm impatient and didn't want to wait, I ordered other colors instead. I kept my eye on the polish and was close to just giving in and splurging on it until I heard Allison (aka. Amarixe) mention that Essie's Cute as a Button was almost an exact dupe. Well sign me up! $4 for a polish (since I'm licensed) instead of $14, yes please. So I searched for Cute as a Button and was quite happy when I finally got my hands on it.

Decided to give it a shot today. I like the formulation. It is the perfect consistency. Not too runny, not too thick. It is very opaque after two coats and it is very shiny. Great Spring/Summer color.

<3 / Roo

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nail of the Moment: My Pointe Exactly

I practiced self-control the other day when I checked out the new OPI New York Ballet collection. Of the six new colors I only picked up two. I got My Pointe Exactly (light gray) and Barre My Soul (an incredibly soft pink/beige). The colors in the bottle look like they could be quite sheer so I didn't have high hopes.

Tonight I decided to try My Pointe Exactly. The first coat went on so sheer that Hudson, my 5 year old, looked at it and said it was the dumbest nail polish ever. "I can't even see it," he said. The second coat made a surprising difference. It's late and I'm tired so I didn't do a third coat but it might be a good idea with this one.
I wanted to add just a little something extra so I did a coat of One Less Lonely Glitter from Nicole by OPI on my ring fingers. I like the combination.

<3 / Roo

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nails of the Moment: Kim-pletely in Love

I was in the mood for something soft when I painted my nails this time. I decided to try one of the Nicole by OPI Kardashian collection colors I picked up. I blew this color off at first because it looked like just any other pretty light pink. But upon closer inspection it has the prettiest subtle purple sparkle in it. You can't see the sparkle unless you look closely. I was happy to see that the sparkle is just as subtley visible on my nails as it was in the bottle, you don't see it unless you look close but it's there.
It's a pretty color. It's nothing overly special but I'm glad I got it. It didn't disappoint.

<3 / Roo
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