Wednesday, October 3, 2012

deslicking oily skin

hey, beauties!

today's post is a shout out to all my oily-skinned homies--last week one of our reader's asked:

"...Out here in Bmore, it is hot and sticky ALL the time! I feel like I walk out the door and my face starts to slide off me. Is there a product that can help set my makeup, esp foundation, so that I don't end up looking like a Halloween monster?"

great question! having oily skin or just being in a humid area is a big makeup challenge. my oily skin is something that i'm constantly working against and is an ongoing battle--but i have learned a few things that can help you fight the midday face-melt.

1. Avoid products where alcohol is one of the main ingredients.  A lot of anti-acne products contain large amounts of alcohol because it temporarily zaps the oils from your face and leaves a super clean feeling. However, the excess alcohol upsets the natural balance of your skin and your skin ends up producing even more oil to make up for what was lost. no bueno.

2. Using a mild Salicylic acid is great for clearing out debris and oil from your pores. i apply a 2% Salicylic acid spot treatment (Neutrogena) to my T-zone every night before i go to sleep and it makes a big difference on my skin the next day.  If excess drying occurs, apply every other day.

3. If your skin is super oily or you live in a crazy humid place, skipping your heavy moisturizer might be something to consider--or if you have combination skin, only applying it to your dry areas.  if you still feel the need to moisturize, look for a moisturizer that has Glycerin in it because it's a humectant--which basically means it draws the moisture from the air.

4. PRIMER PRIMER PRIMER. as i've harped on in previous posts, primer is crucial for keeping your foundation in place. look for a mattifying primer as it will help keep the shine at bay.  Also, when choosing a foundation, look for things that say "matte" or "demi-matte."

5. Setting your makeup with a loose powder (i recommend translucent so it doesn't look cakey) will keep things lasting longer.  I like to dust it on and then press it with a sponge onto my problem areas. 

holy crap this post is ridiculously long. my bad! i'm just...thorough.
6. The final thing I can recommend to you is one of my many must-have products:
Urban Decay's "DeSlick" oil control setting spray
You lightly mist this on your face before you apply your foundation and then again after you've done all your makeup.  It seals in your makeup without clogging your pores. it's freaking genius.

whew! this was a doozy of a post. i really need to work on not being so long-winded buuuut, it's kinda who i am. i'll work on it. :)  hope this helped!

xo, bee.

p.s. Urban Decay is selling their XL sized DeSlick for $18 on right now! That's a STEAL, guys. it's twice as big and less than you'd pay for a normal sized one. just saying.

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