Monday, October 8, 2012

Want healthy looking nails?

Happy Monday lovelies!  Today I wanted to share with you how I took my nails from looking like this....

horribly short and terribly unattractive

To looking like this....

long (perfect length for me) and uniform and perfect for painting or going natural

I have always had pretty bad nails.  I was a big nail biter all growing up, it wasn't until I was a grown adult that I kicked that habit.  As an adult my habit became chewing on the edges of my nails, I wouldn't bite them off, just gnaw on them.  Gross, I know.  I started to realize that if I painted my nails I wouldn't be as tempted to put them in my mouth.  Painting my nails led me to the realization that my nails were SHORT!  I tried to grow them out but my nails were so thin and flaky from all those years in my mouth that they just didn't grow well at all. I asked around a lot as to how to remedy the situation and people recommended a few different things, but the product that helped my nails out the most was OPI's Nail Envy for Soft & Thin nails.  I swear by the stuff, absolutely can't live without it.

The Soft & Thin formula of Nail Envy is chuck full of Calcium to help strengthen your nails.  So not only are my nails much stronger and grow better when I have this on, they are just healthier and stronger all together!  The packaging recommends that you apply 2 coats of Nails Envy and then apply an extra coat every day after that.  I did that at first and then I backed off a little.  My routine now is to use it as my base coat before applying my polish.  If I'm not wearing polish then I just apply one coat and have beautiful glossy nails.  Oh, that another great thing about this, it dries so quickly.  There really is no wait time for it to be dry enough to paint over or dry enough to do things with your hands again.

I hope this helps you if you have been plagued by nails that are less than stellar in the strength department like me.  You can get OPI products at places like Ulta, Peerless Beauty Supply, or many salons carry them.  I think it is sold for about $15 give or take some.

<3 / Roo

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  1. nail polish definitely helps! :) that purple shade is so pretty!!


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