Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Glam Bag - March

A couple days ago I received my Glam Bag for March. I'm not thrilled with it and I'm not disappointed with it either. It's a so-so bag. If you don't know what MyGlam is you can read about it here, in my last post about it. I'll give you a little run down of what was in this months bag.

Here is everything I got. The bag was lacking in the decent sized sample department but there were a couple pleasant random surprises that made the bag as a whole not too shabby. The theme of the bag this month was products that help repair and restore your hair and skin. Most of the products seem to fit within that.

Unexpected thing #1: A cute pink crease brush with a matching makeup brush case. I haven't used the brush yet, but I can tell you it is super soft and fluffy. It'll be a great blending brush I think, assuming it isn't a shedder. The case is cute for traveling too. I've never gotten a brush of any kind in one of these subscription services, so I was surprised to see it. Hopefully it's not too shabby. My friend said she has tried hers already and loves it.

I got a decent sized sample of Murad's Absolute Bronzing Boost. I've heard of Murad before, but not this particular product. I put some of this lotion on my arm earlier today and now about 5 hours later, my arm still appears tanner. So I guess it is like a self-tanning lotion for your face and neck. The thought of putting something like that straight on my face makes me a little nervous, but the box also said you can mix it in with your foundation. That is what I will probably do with it. I can use the color.

Here are the teeny-tiny samples that came plus unexpected thing #2. I can see how the samples fit with the theme, but they are SO small. I have received a lot of moisturizer samples this past year through Birchbox and MyGlam and they're never that exciting. Well, it's even less exciting when it is a dinky-winky sized sample. The eye lift perfector sounds interesting, but again it is the smallest sample of all time. I am always in need of a good eye serem.

Last month they included a "$100 gift certificate" to some online hair tools store. It seemed like a coupon they offer to everyone and nothing on the website was that great. I just threw mine away. So when I saw another promotion code I was like, "oh brother!" But if you can see at the very right of the picture, they show Butter London polish on the promotion code postcard. I have had my eye on some Butter London polishes lately, especially their Spring collection, but I can't justify $14 for one bottle of polish. So I checked out the website just to see if it was legit, well it seemed legit. I was able to get 4 Butter London polishes for only $31 after using the promotion code. Assuming they actually come in the mail, I feel like I got a pretty stinking good deal, that's pretty much buy 2 get 2 free. I ordered Disco Biscuit and Knackered from the new collection and Wallis and Teddy Girl. I'll do Nails of the Day when I wear them. Point of story, the promotion code = almost the best thing in the bag.

The bag itself this month was probably the cutest one they have sent so far. I don't know what I am going to do with so many cute makeup bags, but I like getting them. The last thing in my bag was a decent sample of a leave-in treatment for my hair. I'm glad it isn't a shampoo/conditioner sample, that's really not exciting. But a leave-in treatment isn't that bad. I've never heard of the brand before, we'll see how it is.

So that is my Glam Bag this month. Maybe next month I'll do a video instead of a post when my bag comes. Oh, and any day my Birchbox should be coming, I'll let you know what is in that.

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  1. I love my brush! And I got 3 lab face cleanser full size in place of the bronzing cream.

    1. FYI on 3labs website... It sells for $50 and the one I git is full size. Looking up your butter colors too see if I like any of your picks!

      Love this... Thanks for giving Me something exciting to read


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