Monday, April 23, 2012

NOTM: Anne

Today I tried one of my newest polishes, Julep's Anne. I got an April Julep box, which is a monthly subscription service that focuses around nail polish. I got it for an awesome steal, $.01! You literally can't beat that. I filmed a video today and you can see what else came in my box when I post that. I believe anyone can get the same deal at with the promo code "penny". Their boxes are regularly $20, which I can't justify so I just canceled the service once I got the box.

Anyway, back to the polish. I liked this color in the bottle. A bright purple... soo up my alley. I really like it on my nails too. It is shiny, very opaque, and and the color is pretty. The bad news is I HATE the consistency of it. It is incredibly thick and rather hard to paint on my nails. I like the color now that it's on but I don't know how often I'd deal with its crappy consistency to wear it. I've heard good things about Julep polishes, so maybe the consistency of the other colors is better. Julep polishes retail for $14, which is a lot to spend on nail polish in my opinion.

I couldn't decide which picture I wanted to use. I don't feel that either picture shows the true color of the polish on my nails. The pictures look more blue than purple. The bottle of polish in the non-flash photo looks pretty accurate. The picture with flash shows just how opaque and shiny it is. Neither picture is perfect but they show different things.

<3 / Roo

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