Friday, April 27, 2012

NOTM: Bitter Bitch

Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch, I really like this polish. It is such a unique color, a dark reddish brown. Tom Ford polish is about $30 a bottle. As I mentioned before I can't justify $14 on polish, so $30? No way. This was a gift from a very generous friend for Christmas. I doubt she'll ever read this blog, but if she does THANK YOU AGAIN M.

This polish is rather thick but it works. It applies beautifully, two coats makes it perfectly opaque and shiny. It was so shiny (in part to my topcoat) that it was hard to get a picture that didn't have such a glare on the nails. I have one other Tom Ford polish, a nude. Obviously I'll do a NOTM when I wear that one next.

Do I think anyone should spend $30 on a nail polish? Sure don't. But am I happy I have a couple? Very!

<3 / Roo

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