Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prom Night: Makeup by Brittany

Hey, guys!

It was prom night at the local high school and I had the chance to do some makeup and hair for my cute friend Kira.  It's always so fun to do her hair and makeup because she has such beautiful, shiny hair and her skin is like a baby's butt. It's not fair! She's just so effortlessly gorgeous.  It makes doing her hair and makeup so dang easy. I've done her hair and makeup for some other dances, but today was probably my favorite look thus far. We went for a bit more dramatic eye to match her beautiful purple dress. I think it turned out well, check it out:

Kira has such flawless skin naturally that all I had to do was even her cheeks out with a little bit of concealer.  I then started with her eyes: I used my Coastal Scents 88-palette and put a fuscia pink all over her lids (being careful not to get it too close to the inner corner of her eye) and grabbed some dark purple and worked that into her crease, concentrating on the outer corner. I took a little bit of that same purple and pink and dragged it to her lower lash-line. I then grabbed my NYX roll-on glitter in pink and rolled a little bit of it onto the center of her eyelid for a pretty pop of sparkle.  I put a pastel yellow in the inner corners of her eyes, swept a cream champagne-colored highlight shade from Revlon on top of the yellow and right below her brows for a nice highlight.  To line the eyes I used ELF's gel liner in black with a small angle brush and created a bit of a winged eye.  To finish, we curled and put a coat of mascara on Kira's naturally long lashes.

For the cheeks, I used a stippling brush to sweep NARS blush in "Orgasm" onto her cheeks..(I hate the name of the blush, too...but it really is a gorgeous color. :/)  I used a really pretty nude lipgloss from Benefit on Kira's lips and voila! She was ready for her hot date! 

And gosh dang, did she look hot!
Hope you had fun, Kira!
And I hope you guys enjoyed the look! Any suggestions for future looks you would like to see? Any questions you want answered? Let us know!



please be kind :)

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